What is Wemblr ?

Wemblr is Employer-provided FinTech empowering Employee net worth through financial mindfulness, peer strategy networks, wealth assessment tools and financial professional matchmaking.

How it Works

Wemblr is a Workplace Benefit offered through your Employer.

Ask your Employer

Check for Wemblr in your Suite of Workplace Benefits. If your Employer does not offer Wemblr, they can request a Demo and we’ll take it from there.

Receive an Email

When Wemblr is part of your Benefits Suite, you’ll receive an email with login instructions and an access link

Access the App

Enjoy the benefits of financial empowerment through real time engagement and multi-faceted financial tools.


Increase productivity with real time solutions to the financial concerns distracting employees in the workplace.

Peer Strategy Networks

Users exchange financial strategies with people around the world.

Wealth Assessment Tools

Users prosper using goal driven financial planning.

Financial Professional Match

Users engage with online tools and certified financial experts in real time.


Users are recognized and rewarded each time they level up.

What we’re hearing

  • This is the future.
  • This is how people interact and should be in Finance.
  • This is well thought out.
  • We have research that proves the peer-to-peer model in personal finance works.
  • It’s good that the solution also caters to low and moderate income individuals.
  • Your app helps to dispel the notion that people with money challenges are bad people or don’t work or are making bad decisions.


Wemblr’s net worth empowerment tools keep your valued Employees financially strong and mindfully productive - at home and at work.

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Wemblr supports the financial literacy and economic aptitude of the Future Workforce through our education tool, Wemblr-ED

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Wemblr has the capability to support the financial betterment initiatives established by local, state and federal entities, to enrich the nation.

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